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Corporate Profile

Evolution, which is a fundamental law of human nature, has also been central to the value system of R S Bhargava Pharmacy since its very inception.
From humble beginnings in the year 1920, R.S Bhargava Pharmacy, has developed into an integrated global pharmaceutical company and en-route earned the loyalty of millions of people within and beyond India. Throughout its journey the company has been anchored by its promise of providing safe and modern treatments to people of all income levels.

With our growth, our brand identity has evolved too. There can be no better way to signify evolution than R. S. Bhargava Pharmacy now being known as BHARGAVA PHYTOLAB. The new name retains "Bhargava" as a tribute to the trust & satisfaction of millions of customers in over 30 countries. The word "phyto" pertains to plants which are the principal source of homeopathic medicines and "lab" pertains to scientifically driven laboratories. They come together as "Bhargava Phytolab" and bring to you a healthier tomorrow!

R.S.B.P. started its corporate journey
in 1920 under the vigilance of

Late Dr. S.S. Bhargava.
It was his vision and strong belief which
brought RSBP close to sucess &possess a
unique postion in today's competitive
enviroment. read more »