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Dr. W.H Schussler, an eminent German medical doctor, through his experiments and research proposed the biochemic theory.

According to the biochemic theory, there are 12 essential minerals present in the human body which are required for growth, development and repair of tissue cells. Deficiency or imbalance of these can lead to various types of diseases or a disorder in a particular organ.

The imbalance of these salts can be restored by ingesting these salts in a bioavailable form. This form is brought to you by Bhargava Phytolab by the name of BIOCOMBINATION TABLETS, which not only alleviates the symptoms and treats the disease caused by deficiency but also checks the imbalance of a particular salt. BhargavaPhytolab's Bio-chemic Tablets are homeopathically prepared minerals/cell salts which enable better absorption of nutrients and help fortify and energize living cells with vital nutritional elements. Moreover, Bio-chemic tablets, in homoeopathic doses, are safe for the entire family, with no worries of side effects or drug interactions.

Based upon tissue affinity and symptoms, Bio-chemic remedies have been combined in 28 different Bhargava Phytolab's Bio-combination Tablets containing 2 or more bio-chemic remedies. Each combination works for a specific system or symptom or disease condition.

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