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# Manufacturing Unit II

The company has constantly strived to achieve operational sophistication and adapt its technological capabilities to changing environments.

Bhargava Phytolab Pvt. Ltd. a second manufacturing facility, spread over 1,20,000 sq ft., which is situated in Bhiwadi (Rajasthan) an industrial town 70 km from New Delhi towards west.

This plant has state of the art technology to manufacture the volumes which are highest in the homeopathic Industry in Asia. It facilitates the manufacturing of not only mother tinctures, dilutions, bio-chemic, bio-combinations, tablets, liquids but also, the most sophisticated preparations - the eye drops which requires separate sterilized sections and specialized environmental conditions.

The plant has the following production capacities (per 8 hour shift):


  • Mother Tinctures
  • Dilutions
  • Eye drops - 150,000 per shift
  • Liquid orals - 80,000 units per shift
  • Externals - 25,000 units per shift
  • Tablets - 4,000,000 tabs per shift

Salient features of manufacturing unit:


Apart from possessing all the technological capabilities of the first unit, the Unit in Bhiwadi is also equipped with the following:

  • Dispensing of raw materials, WIP and finished goods is all done under an SS reverse laminar flow
  • Separate air-handling units for every production department, with classified filtration as per CGMP norms
  • Separate double skin AHV's for washing, sterilization, buffer zone and airlocks, filling areas confirming to class D, C, & B
  • State of art plastic dropper filling / sealing line for untouched operation
  • Water Treatment system with RO(Reverse Osmosis) & EDI (Electron de Ionization) and SS 316L pipeline in loop form with a 5-micron filter and UV lamp for absolute purity of water
  • Extensive training and retraining programs of personnel to ensure they stay current with latest technological developments
  • Alternative power generation system for uninterrupted production
  • A unidirectional flow of men and materials to promote optimum productivity
  • Accessibility of all utilities and maintenance areas from outside, for additional ease of operation
  • Ample segregated storage for raw materials and packaging materials, with cold room facilities for raw material, quarantine & furnished goods