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Mother tinctures are the pure medicinal extracts of herbal substances or solutions of medicinal minerals / elements procured from natural resources, prepared in best quality medicinal carriers for complete & long-lasting effectiveness, i.e., demineralized / sterilized water & extra neutral alcohol (ENA, purest ethyl alcohol) according to the standards described in the Pharmacopoeia.

Mother tinctures offer optimum concentration of active substances derived from plant / animal and mineral sources. Selection of herbs and sources is done in the season best known for optimum concentrations of constituents. It is ensured that all these medicinal plants are cultivated without the use of any harmful fertilizers or pesticides at the time of procuring.

The processing includes highest grade stainless steel vessels to ensure safety from any kind of contamination and multidisciplinary testing, including, physical, chemical, microbiological is carried out at all the stages to keep the quality & stability ensured.

They mother tinctures are usually meant for both internal (oral) and external (local application/ mouth wash/ steam inhalation) use, hence making the quality assurance our priority.

RSBP manufactures over 450 mother tinctures, which includes both the commonly available (which can be kept in the household first aid kit when advised by homeopathic practitioners) and the rare ones which are derived from erratically occurring natural resources.

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