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Today's lifestyle along with comfort, also gives us various lifestyle disorders. Fortunately, we are also blessed with the medicinal values of Indian herbs like tulsi, neem, karela, amla and many more.

However, not all good things come in one package. The unpalatable taste of these and non-availability in all seasons make them less acceptable even though their medicinal value is known. Few of these also carry medicinal value in non-consumable parts of the plant.

Taking into consideration all these factors, Bhargava Phytolab, maintaining its practice of pioneering, has formulated NHCT - Natural Health Care Tablets which not only give you medicinal advantage of these plants / herbs but also have the following benefits:

  • Easily consumable oral dosage tablets
  • Acceptable taste owing to sugar of milk base.
  • Prepared from particular medicinal part of the herbs.
  • Enhanced medicinal power up to power 1X.
  • Widely available irrespective of the season.
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