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We are all aware that medicines are not always required for oral use i.e. to in tablets or syrup forms only. There are a few conditions where medicines need to be applied externally over the affected area. These topical medications may be in the form of creams, lotions, gels or ointments.

Bhargava Phytolab manufactures a wide range of external applications which are all formulated with effective homeopathic medicines for treating diverse skin, hair, teeth, muscle, anal, circulatory or septic ailments.

This special form of medicines, i.e. ointments are developed with such meticulousness that the medicines are allowed high drug penetration, rapid absorption through skin for maximum effectiveness, side by side, taking care of ease of application & removal, solvent property and keeping the irritant effect at bay.

At Bhargava Phytolab we make sure that these are cosmetically pleasant and suitable for all skin types. Before marketing, all these products are evaluated for:

  • Drug content.
  • Release of medicament from base.
  • Consistency of preparation
  • Irritant effect.
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