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# Quality Statement

When it is Bhargava Phytolab, its quality for sure! That's because, here, the quality is assured at every step, right from the administration to production to supplies. The procurement of raw materials to the processing, manufacturing and packing of the final product, everything is led by highly qualified, professional, efficient & forward looking manpower, who shares a commitment to creating innovative, high quality products that are relied on every day by millions of people and businesses around the world.

All our products have to pass through rigorous testing before they reach the patient/ customer. The raw materials are checked for their authenticity and drug content, the vehicle used is the purified water which passes through reverse osmosis plant followed by chlorination treatment and de-mineralization before being used in any manufacturing process.

The alcohol utilized is the Extra Neutral Alcohol, in place of absolute alcohol, which guarantees the purity. All the process and procedures, followed at Bhargava Phytolab are standardized and as per the guidelines in the HOMOEOPATHIC PHARMACOPOEIA OF INDIA, GERMANY and the US.

Some important aspects of quality control followed by us:


  • Checking the percentage of active ingredients of the plants used
  • Cleaning and drying methods adopted
  • Methods adopted for extraction of active ingredient
  • Drug content of finished product
  • Testing of authenticity of raw materials including plants, vehicles & excipients
  • Quality and percentage of alcohol and water
  • Shelf life of the product
  • Dissolution time of tablets
  • Effect of light, air and moisture
  • Filtration, drying and granulation techniques
  • Fineness of particle size achieved for tablets
  • Microbiological testing

Owing to all these factors, we proudly proclaim that
at Bhargava Phytolab Quality Is Assured!