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# Research And Development

We view our &D capabilities as a vital component of our commitment that will provide a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage. BhargavaPhytolab is among the few homeopathic companies, worldwide, to have started its research program in the 80's, in support of its global ambitions.

Spectrums of research are carried out in here, ranging from development of new applications for existing products to upgrading formulation efficiency and improving drug delivery systems. Independently supported Research and Development departments staffed by well-qualified chemists are involved in a range of research efforts and committed for development of analytical methodologies that provide sensitive, precise, rugged & accurate data in minimum time.

A first-of-its-kind world class R&D centre of the company has:


  • Microbiological Laboratory, outfitted and well equipped with the current and high tech facilities, to conduct routine and in-depth microbiological testing, to establish product protocols, and to validate sterilization processes. In-depth tests are performed to access raw materials, bulk and finished formulations. In addition, there is on-going microbiological monitoring of working procedures in process areas and microbiological analysis on products.
  • Skill for key activities include development & validation of various analytical test procedures for Assay, Content Uniformity, Dissolution, Related Substances, Residual Solvents, other in-house test procedures & finalization of their Specifications which will adequately evaluate desire quality attributes.
  • Facility for:
    • Design and development of new dosage forms
    • Pre formulation studies
    • Lab / pilot scale studies
    • Process optimization/validation studies
    • Stability studies
    • Technology transfer of new products
    • Technical supports to manufacturing location
    • Technology and latest development up gradation to provide technically superior, process efficient and International standards product

Going further, our Research and Development team will always keep exploring promising opportunities for medical advances.