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Бережное отношение к жизни

с 1920 года

We’ll Aspire to provide Innovative products for millions

От трудного начала 1920 года, успешно пройдя через столетие, нашей миссией является изменить жизнь людей к лучшему, на территории и за пределами Индии и добиться здоровья в Мире.

Наши преимущества

Experience of Over A Century

Наша приверженность качеству


Наша приверженность качеству


Современное оборудование

Бхаргава Фитолаб имеет современную производственную площадку, расположенную на территории 11 148 м² в индустриальном городе Бхивади ( Раджастан)
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Kоличество лет опыта работы

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лекарственных препаратов




Географическое присуствие компании по всему миру

We are headquatred in INDIA and currently exporting to more than 40+ Countries
Что говорят наши клиенты
“Kidflame I know as a medicine for cystitis and pyelonephritis. Since so many patients come with complaints of cystitis and pyelonephritis. Kidflame contains a unique combination of medicinal herbs have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antispasmodic action. Kidflame usually prescribed by the complex therapy with antibiotics, so it helps to normalize urination and reduces the intensity of pain.”
Dr. Uzakov Ravshan (Urologist)
Republican Center of Oncology, Uzbekista
Что говорят наши клиенты
“ Both Kidflame and Prostoral are useful medicines in the management of Nephrolithiasis and Prostate Related Problems. Kidflame has specific role in stone diseases of the renal system whereas Prostoral is useful in the inflammatory conditions of the Prostate. It has Anti-inflammatory action and decreases symptoms associated with Prostatitis.”
Д-р Сантош
Urologist, Ahaliya Hospital, Abudhabi
Что говорят наши клиенты
“I am regular user of Bhargava Phytolab products for last 8-10 years. As I specially take Spine & Joint disease cases in my chamber, it brings me immense pleasure to congratulate you for the unique formulation of SPONDIN you have made as it had helped me to cure my 90% cases of cervical Spondylosis in my chamber. I wish your company to become No.1 Corporate house in homeopathy.”
Dr Ashish Chakravorty
Что говорят наши клиенты
“I have used your Kids products in my practice, the results are very instant. I found it very effective & excellent product in term of instant action. I am thankful to Bhargava Phytolab for making this unique brand for kids patients. Wish you a great success.”
Dr. G.D. Ostwal
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